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Experience and Quality

Renovar Ideias (renewing ideas, in Portuguese) has over 20 years of market expertise in the renovation, refurbishment and extension of properties. We believe in an ever continuing innovation of the ways of rethinking rehabilitation and improvement of residential (and commercial) spaces to provide a quality service with competitive costs.
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Our values


The Renovar Ideias team is composed by dedicated, competent and skilled professionals, committed to high ethical standards. We will do everything we can to ensure surpassing our client’s expectations and meeting all the agreed timings.


Our ethics is our essence and it is ruled by 100% transparency. We do not tolerate ambiguities and thus budget everything in a detailed and concise manner.

Quality and Rigour

We love what we do and thus commit ourselves with the highest rigour and quality to the execution of all our projects, big or small. From the tiniest screw to the design of all utilities, we present the best construction solutions combined with the best finishing quality.


Practical experience underpins knowledge and is the basis on which we confidently present the best construction solutions, offering the security of working with a team with over 20 years of expertise.


Our projects speak for ourselves ! Assessing our services, from the oldest to the most recent, we can verify the excellence and commitment with which we dedicate ourselves to each and every one of them. From the smallest of repairs to the big renovations, we put our mind and souls to their execution.

What our customers
say about us

  • I have always been extremely suspicious and cautious about choosing rehabilitation services or similar, due to bad experiences or to aggregate dissatisfaction. However, with Renovar Ideias, everything was so different. Since the understanding of the final result you wanted, to details and constant monitoring, was an extremely rewarding experience that surprised me from afar. The budget is quite detailed, the finishes were in line with my requirements. The work ran inside the estimated time with a slight delay due to weather conditions, however, even with 1 week of rain, sought to reduce the delay that could not be influenced directly by them.

    The Renew Ideas is to be congratulated, it reached my level of excellence and brilliance.

    António Ruvina Monteiro, CEO Drope Clothing

  • I never thought that could perform a work with such certainty that would be well delivered and submit a final result of these. In addition to being one of the most competitive quotes that i found, I managed to optimize the efficiency of my space in a surprising way thanks to the excellent technical monitoring and professional who had and still with an excellent finishing.

    Francisco Pedroso Lima
    Interior and Exterior rehabilitationr

  • After many unpleasant surprises, I had the good fortune of a known recommend me to Renovar Ideias. I never thought i would meet a team that would demonstrate both zeal for the place where I was to provide the service and still had the care to keep everithing clean and neat, since the insulation to the final result, every detail was a surprise! They have always bet on the quality of products and in monitoring the customer. In future work, we will come back to you to Renovar Ideias.

    Júlio Rómulo Pimentel
    Interior Remodeling

  • Effectiveness is the word that comes to my mind when I think of the Renovar Ideias. I had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. José Barbosa during the renovation of my house and everything went as the combined. The information transmitted in the drafting of the budget let me quietly to see that i was talking with wise and serious people in this matter. I was amazed with the coordination that the team had on the development of the works doing the combined for the day and not losing himself in the service.

    The attendance was also very good and cleaning of the common areas of the building were always cleaned in order to not create disagreements with my neighbors. I hope that Renew Ideas continues for many more years to renew my next home. Congratulations and thanks for the excellent service.

    Your Dear customer,

    Hugo Cruz, CEO Socipole.

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