About Renovar Ideias

Who we are

Renovar Ideias (renewing ideas, in Portuguese) has over 20 years of market expertise in the renovation, refurbishment and extension of properties. We believe in an ever continuing innovation of the ways of rethinking rehabilitation and improvement of residential (and commercial) spaces to provide a quality service with competitive costs.
Our multidisciplinary team provides a wide range of services, from small repairs to entire renovations, with the assurance of a value added service that seeks to surpass the expectations of clients, who we know may have quite varied needs and demands.
The excellence of service that we seek relies on a rigorous assessment of those expectations. We believe we achieve this by presenting the best construction solutions adapted to the specific needs of the project to produce surprising results with competitive costs.


Renovar Ideias seeks to be the best reference in the field of rehabilitation, maintenance and refurbishment of buildings looking to provide the best service and assure the total satisfaction of all stakeholders. Thus, we promote the constant investment in the development of our services so that these are increasingly competitive and distinguished by excellence.


Our mission is to provide each customer with the assurance of a quality service, transparent, in less time and at competitive prices. The overcoming of any expectations is our priority.