Construction, rehabilitation and renovation

  • Diagnosis of existing buildings and constructions;
  • Selection of best construction solutions for recovery and renewal;
  • Smaller or bigger repairs;
    • Demolitions;
    • Rehabilitation, insulation and waterproofing of outer walls;
    • Installation of false, dropped and double ceilings;
    • Roof repairs and recoveries;
    • Resolution of water infiltration problems and waterproofing;
    • Interior and exterior painting;
    • Outer pavements and deckings;
    • Renovation and modernisation of old houses;
    • Bathroom renovations;
  • Speciality services:
    • electrician; plumbing; carpentry (interior and exterior); metal and aluminium; glass; door and window frames
  • Rehabilitation and upkeep of residential and commercial buildings;
  • Construction of detached and semi-detached homes;
  • Renovation and refurbishment of exterior and interior spaces;
  • Renovation and refurbishment of commercial and personal offices;


  • Implementation of ergonomic, luxury, customized, modern kitchens and supply of functional ironmongery and appliances with excellent design;
  • Custom-made furniture with perfect finishing according to your needs, such as varnished and lacquered;
  • Wooden partitions;
  • Application of floating flooring;
  • Stairs;
  • Slatted panel with excellent varnishing;
  • Wardrobes/Closets;
  • Interior door lacquering service;
  • Custom projects with perfect material combinations and workmanship for your space.


  • Design and project execution according to client's ideas or turnkey projects;
  • Interior decoration and design;
  • Urban planning and accessibility;
  • Executive architectural projects: detailed design with all information required for execution of planned and organised works. Specification of dimensions, materials, finishings, quantitative tables, scheduling, architectural overviews, perspectives and cuts;
  • Layouts and conceptions from client's instructions;
  • 3-D models: 3D digital perspectives of the design when required;
  • Development of projects for commercial spaces: shops, showrooms, etc;
  • Technical drawings.


  • Project management and monitoring of constructions works;
  • Project design for all specialities and utilities:
    • Structures;
    • Water supply;
    • Wastewaters;
    • Gas and electricity supply and installations;
    • Mechanical installations;
  • Smart home systems (home automation);
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning);
  • EPC (Energy performance certificates)